Saturday, January 15, 2011


The Damsel of a land across the ocean has updated, assuaging worries. This is good. The Spectator hopes she notices the clear squares rather than seeks those occupied by either army.

The Spectator has plans to discuss more of the Fallen Queen and who she is. The phrase would probably be "in the works." For the moment, however, there are a number of things the Spectator needs to sort through before any venture into the past can truly begin.

As the pieces plot their next moves, the Spectator is left with much time to occupy herself with fantasies of what might have been and memories, sweet and bitter, of what once was.


  1. "Damsel of a land across the ocean." Is that Jean? Since you previously mentioned "a language long dead" in relation to her, and Jean learns Latin.

    Chess motifs. I like you already.


  2. Yep, that's her. I've got a guide up on my blog identifying the players and pieces:

  3. I think I'll be ready with some more on the Stranger-Yet-Not later today. Much to do, with few hours in the day.

  4. Sarah, if you play this hand, remember you have to add something to the pot.

  5. Yes.

    I can deal for you again if you'd like. It isn't too late.

  6. Poker was never the Spectator's game of choice.