Thursday, February 3, 2011


In light of recent events (fret not, the bargain is still in effect, so far. The Spectator has simply had quite a bit on her plate to deal with, not least among them a 1920s hard-boiled detective novel), the Spectator thought it best to record the events leading up to, and the details of, her bargain with the Black King.

The Spectator and (as followers of the Grey Rook's chronicle have noticed) the Grey Rook himself had met after a... long period where the Spectator was the last piece on the board, a White King battered from all sides. Before checkmate, the Grey Rook approached her with a bargain--cease all direct opposition (that is, actively fighting the Black King) and she would be allowed to live. Obviously, the Spectator has been pushing this wording as far as she can--an oversight several of the Knights have found useful, I'd wager. However, events earlier this week had placed the bargain in jeopardy, at least until one of the Black Rooks approached the Spectator yesterday and informed her they would continue honoring her bargain. The Spectator is looking into why, though she's not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.


  1. Seems like your friends are all suffering from simultaneous attacks by the Black King. I know I have, and I'm barely involved with you folks.

    Hopefully our pieces don't fall as fast as his will in the (optimistically near) future.

  2. Nights like tonight, I find hot cocoa and a Sylvester Stallone or Bruce Willis movie works wonders.

  3. Thage- just out of curiousity, why do you always add two forward-slashes before the titles of your posts? Is there any special reason or is it just an odd little quirk of yours?


  4. This is a few days late so I don't know if you'll respond, but I wanted to ask how you were, Thage. I know you ran into trouble, and I wanted to know if you're okay? If I'm being nosy, I apologize.

  5. what is a man to do? Survive, and carry on.

    Simply put, soldier on.

  6. I'm fine Cathy. The partial blindness hasn't gone away, which leads me to believe it's damage that goes beyond, say, a scratch on my eye or somesuch. It hasn't hampered my day-to-day life beyond an inconvenience as yet, however.

    I'm doing what I can to get a bead on your daughter, by the way, and if you would like a place to rest for a day or two without the Black King's interference, feel free to mail me at

  7. Is there any way for you to get this checked out by a doctor, or is that a stupid question?

    Thank you for checking up on her and trying to learn as much as you can. I'm sorry if she's...difficult or rude or anything else that proxies are.
    That actually sounds very nice. I'm probably going to take you up on that once I sort out this clue business. You make me feel safe, if I can say that without sounding too creepy, and I haven't felt safe for a while.

  8. I've made an appointment for this Wednesday, we'll see what they say.

    I hope you'll excuse the... unfriendly comments on her blog. Without spoiling too much, there is a cohesive plan in place.

    -dry chuckle- I seem to have that effect on the other bloggers. My door is open to you, any way I can abuse my bargain without breaking it, I intend to.

  9. Concealed by a mask of flesh, a certain pawn conceals his color and rank.


  10. The Spectator has little to fear from the stands and less to fear from those who intrude.

  11. I hope that the results are good, Thage.

    Well I can forgive anything because I can't see anything that goes on over there. It's all just a blank page to me. So I guess this is me telling you that you can do whatever you can think of to get her back and I won't take offense to any of it.

    It's good that it's not just me. If it was I know I'd end up looking rather odd. You're a good person Thage, I hope you know that.

  12. This one advises caution, old friend.

    Not against the hollow barks of a bemanged dog, but against the shadow out of time come from one who is Fallen.

  13. I've seen your posted elsewhere and I'd have to say, I like the Chess motif. I hope things go well for you and you don't end up pushing your bargain too far.

    Best Wishes


  14. What will be, will be, my friend.