Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Not intentional at all, simply a matter of having had quite a bit to do recently.

The Spectator ran into the Fallen Queen at a supermarket. The Queen showed no hint of recognition, the Spectator felt it best not to see how thorough the Black Bishop's shoddy work is. There was no trace of the Black King, which leads the Spectator to believe that at least for now dear Shayde hasn't been brought back onto the board.

The Spectator has a new guest. Cathy, the mother of the young Pawn causing so much uproar of late. We've cuddled a fair bit while studying up on the Black King. I've begun researching various plays written by those haunted by the Black King to see if I can be of any help to the Knight of a Dead Tongue. And just to indulge myself some, she is extremely comfortable to hug for long periods of time.


  1. So, you're the woman my wife is staying with right now? Gotta say, I'm jealous. I highly doubt Cathy would even hug me with the way things are right now. It's nice to meet you, Thage.

    Take care of Cathy during the time she stays, if you would.

  2. You should be jealous, Tony. She's much more comforting than you.

    I can take care of myself, you know.

  3. Who is The Fallen Queen? Nessa? Amelia?

  4. Shayde didn't recognize you at all? That certainly brings the extent of the Bishop's abilities into question. I can't help but wonder if he did a more thorough job on her than on Robert by choice, or if he's getting better at what he does. Or if the effects were the same, but more striking when faced outside the screen. One has to wonder how precise his work is - whether he can replace their original memories with others or simply leaves blank time. But I suppose I'm rambling; I have the bad habit of theorizing about things I hope I'll never face.

    Glad to see that Cathy's safe, and I hope you manage to find something of value in your plays. Good luck, to all of you.

  5. Shayde....someone I have to find. ^^

    Check the blog, Spectator, you'll find this interesting. ;)

  6. Ron: That's something you need to do an archive run for.

    Tony and Cathy: Don't make me separate you two.

    Aimee: So far, nothing, but there are a lot of books to look through.

    Darby: Allow me to put this in the politest terms possible. If you try to bring a piece back on the board, the referee will call foul. And she isn't the forgiving sort.

  7. @Thage I'm curious as to who the authors of these are plays are.

    @Aimee If I'm reading Thage's posts correctly, Shayde chose to take redlight's bargain. I'll apologize now if I'm wrong, but I don't believe Robert made that choice, it was forced on him. If my assumptions here are correct, it would make sense that it would work better on her then on him. Willingly embracing it as opposed to fighting it every step of the way.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong in any of the above info. It's a good theory, but I would rather have it corrected then be making false assumptions.

  8. Well, they're all manuscripts or banned (and two are surviving copies of plays that were burned in Salem to avoid the spread of witchcraft) so I wouldn't be too bothered with that, but if anything relevant comes up I'll post the playwright.

  9. Guys, a thought occurs.

    Maybe we're not giving Redlight enough credit. What if...we're being played? Of course, some of Redlight's failures are his own, but what if some of them are parts of his plan? I think we've been far too quick to judge.

    I also think we've been too quick to gloat over every defeat. You all cheered when Robert rescued me, but how did that turn out? With me weak and depowered, Robert scheduled for a labotomy and Cynthia back in Slender's hands. We've been far too quick to celebrate.

    Slow down, guys. I think we may be running right into his web.

  10. Agreed. It's all well and good to be glad to have a victory, or to appreciate getting what you can in such a situation, but do remember what it is on the Black Army's side of the table.