Thursday, January 13, 2011


A Stranger, once so familiar to the Spectator, yet now so alien, approaches the stands. The Stranger halts at the end of the game floor. For a time, the Spectator manages to ignore her presence, continue watching the unending dance between the Black King and his victims who refuse to be victims. Finally, though, the Spectator's gaze drifts upon the Stranger, once so close to her heart.

Once, the Spectator was the Player, the White King. Rather than present a mystic solution, as the Bishop's named few, the Spectator and the Fallen Queen once spearheaded the battle against the Black King, and others rallied behind them. One by one, the Rooks, the Knights, the Pawns fell to the Black King's machinations and servants. The Black King's elite captured the Queen and broke her will. All this, yet the King managed to escape, her heart torn asunder as surely as the Fifth Pawn's body.

Once, the Stranger-Yet-Not was close to the Spectator's heart. Once, both King and Queen battled the Black King's influence, both the terror and the madness that swallowed the board. The Otherwordly and his elite instead twisted her, corrupted her to the Black Army's will.

Now, the Fallen Queen stands before the Spectator, both a warning and a twist of a knife still fresh in her heart. The Spectator has been told, under no uncertain circumstances, to remain an observer, lest her amnesty be null and the Black King resume his hunt.

As the Spectator watches, wishing she could reach the Stranger-Yet-Not, heart torn anew as she knows she cannot, the Fallen Queen fades into a sea of those ignorant of the game being played around them.

The Fallen Queen, once clad in white, now wears the Black King's livery.


  1. *brain asplodes* ah well, there was no way it could have been that easy.

  2. The answers are there for the Cataloger to find. Perhaps in the future, the Spectator can offer further insights to her peculiar situation in the game.

  3. the Spectator is...Thage, or maybe Zero, or Robert, no he would be the discarded Bishop wouldn't he? The Fallen Queen..Nessa? No, she's gone...or is she? The stoppinglight isn't wholly trustworthy. Maybe Amelia...either way the point is clear the Fallen Queen is its now.

  4. None of the above. The Fallen Queen is of the Spectator's past, and the Spectator would be myself due to... peculiar circumstances. Before the board birthing Zalgo exposed the Black King to the populace at large, the game had far fewer pieces and the war was much more savage.

    More on that later, however. All plays unfold as the playwright intends.

  5. I am inriguied by the way you put the blogs together.Chess! I would have never thought of it that way, the best sratigie I know for chess is to read your opponents face. I guess we're screwed.

  6. Think of it like professional poker. When your opponent has a perfect poker face, you read body language.

  7. Ah, poker, one of my favorite games. Cards are so much easier for me to understand.