Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The land of the shifting sands is the earliest mention of the Black King's neverending game. The Lower Kingdom venerated the Black King as a god. The Scriptures of the Cross and Star have attributed the results of the war to a plague. Such is their right and it is not an entirely inaccurate description.

The details of his reign in the Lower Kingdom are sketchy, at best, as the man that chronicled his finds was often in his cups. Suffice to say, the Black King was... sometimes... sated with a sacrifice. Other times, however... there were many plagues back then that have not since resurfaced.

The Black King fed well during those times.

Later, he returned to the land of the shifting sands. A man named Moses had advised those of true hearts to paint an X on their doors in sheep's blood. What the Scriptures of the Cross and Star do not reveal is that his brother Aaron then went around and added a circle to those markings. Those doors were safe.

The Black King took the children from all other houses, including that of the Pharoah's.

Since then, little has been heard of any activity in the lad of Pharoahs. Perhaps they found a means to fend him off. Perhaps he simply tired of a hunting ground that was so superstitious as to venerate him.


  1. Oh boy, are we getting into Egyptian and Biblical symbolism now? Awesome.

    So is the Black King the same as the Pharaoh? (Sorry to correct your spelling there.)

  2. Holly, I wouldn't call it symbolism...

  3. I think I'm starting to understand what the heck you're talking about now.

  4. Stranger things in heaven and earth than are had by our reckoning, indeed, Spectator.

  5. Strange enough, I had prior knowledge of this.


  6. I knew this before.

    And Im starting to think the answer to the final question may be key to understanding the other player.

  7. That gives the bible a rather sinister new turn now, doesn't it?


  8. Odd, I always thought The Pharaoh's Game was Duel Monsters.


    Anyway, this throws up alot of...really REALLY interesting Theories...I wonder if I can get to Egypt? I doubt it...

    The Scientist

  9. Theories on Eldritch Abominations wait for no dying girls, Reach, my friend.